• 28 Day Be Better Challenge

    28 Day Be Better Challenge

    If this New Year your resolution is to finally lose that 10 pounds or to get that bikini body ready for summer, you might want to stop reading right now.

    There’s nothing wrong with those goals — but over the years we’ve learned that they tend to be false prophets, leaving people wondering what’s next or why they don’t feel like they thought they would when they got there.

    There is something that has almost the opposite effect. Instead of leaving you unfulfilled, it gives you satisfaction. Instead of a longing for something more, it gives you a hint that there might just be more there for the taking.

    That thing is strength. The only trouble is, strength training can be daunting!

    You have to enter into this bizarre dungeon surrounded by mirrors and filled with Byzantine-looking apparatuses being used by people who look like they’ve been doing this their whole lives and are annoyed that a stranger would dare enter their space.

    Magazines and pop culture are filled with misleading, incorrect, and downright confusing information. Do only this! Don’t do that! Do that instead! No wait, never do that!

    Which is really unfortunate because at it’s core strength training doesn’t have to be complicated at all. It’s something that is accessible to anyone. Really all it boils down to is moving heavy things, that are just challenging enough to create growth. Oh sure, the devil is in the details when you’re dealing with old injuries, or years of built-up cobwebs, but that’s easy enough when you have experience, expertise, and knowledge available to you.


    So what we see time and time again when we get people rolling with strength training is sort of a three phase process:

    First: The realization that this really isn’t that untouchable, and it’s not for “somebody else” and that you are in fact perfectly capable of strength training. We start with the basics, so you feel comfortable with the important movements and choosing weights that will progressively strengthen you so you’re not wasting time unproductively and even more importantly you’re not doing too much too fast to the point you get hurt. This is the “I can do this” phase.

    Second: Once you’ve become comfortable with the fundamentals of strength training and you start to get stronger, the feeling of capability turns into a question, “Can I do that?” You start to actually get excited about your time in the gym, not just because you’re with a community of people you enjoy going through the process with, but because you get hooked on the challenge and advancement of doing things you weren’t capable of just a few days or a week before.

    Third: This is when the magic happens. At some point the capability your strength has given you in the gym starts to leak out of the gym, and you find yourself taking on and doing things you never thought possible before your newfound strength. It may be as simple as speaking up for yourself or as dramatic as a major career change. But we’ve seen it enough to know it’s not a fluke, it’s a side-effect. From here the sky is the limit.


    All of this happens, on varying timelines of course, with mechanical certainty. All you have to do is get started.

    So here’s what we’re challenging you to do: See what you’re capable of in just 28 days of strength training.

    • You’ll learn how to strength train, even if you’ve never lifted a weight before.
    • You’ll feel at home, in one of if not the most welcoming and inclusive gym environments anywhere.
    • You’ll find ways to improve your life you never saw coming.

    Registration is open through January 1st and the 28-day challenge starts Monday, January 8th.

    The cost is $199 for the entire challenge, but wait there’s more.

    If you and a friend sign up at the same time, you can split the cost. We do this because we know you (and your friend) are even more likely to succeed in the long term if you start with a partner so that you can hold each other accountable and support each other.

    Class time is 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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