The Movement Big Bang

Albert Einstein famously quipped: "Nothing happens until something moves." Movement is the foundation of everything in the universe, and this idea is so important to us it's in big bold letters on one of our gym walls.

But what starts that first movement? Depending on what books you read you might go with the Big Bang theory, the idea that all movement in the universe started from an initial and sudden explosion of massive force.

Which we feel is an apt analogy for kickstarting your Movement with a 4-week, 12-session bootcamp style on-ramp program to training at Movement.

You'll learn the fundamentals of strength training - what to do and how to do it. You'll also learn how to apply our own unique philosophy of training that adapts your workout to YOU.

If you decide to continue at Movement, you'll be starting three steps ahead. But even if you don't, you'll have the confidence to walk into any gym and make progress.

The class starts February 24th, and runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:30pm for 4 weeks.  

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Woman Lifting a Barbell
Woman in Powerlifting Singlet Getting Ready to Bench Press
Two Men Deadlifting

Here are a few things our last group said about the benefits of this program:  

Strength: "I got a lot stronger. I couldn't do a pushup before, and now I can do ten." Cardio Gains: "Moving weights faster gets my heart pounding and leaves me breathless." Mood Improvement: "I've noticed I'm happier since I signed up." A New Happy Place: "I love how there is no pressure here. It makes me want to come even more often." Confidence: "...most importantly, I feel more confident in all areas of my life."  

 This program is for everyone. Our members span ages from 13 to 73 and the one thing they have in common is a desire to build a stronger body.  

The class starts February 24th, and runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:30pm for 4 weeks.

The cost is just $199 and you can split it with a friend if you sign up together. 

Ready to go? Sign up on our secure web site:

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