• Member Spotlight: Shannon J.

    Name: Shannon Jaeger Nickname: Jaeger Age: 36 Hogwart’s House: Hufflepuff Location: Minneapolis Movement Minneapolis team member since:  Summer 2017 What’s your athletic/fitness background?  I grew up around sports and being active — softball, tennis, curling, dabbled in hockey.  I’ve learned I’m much more motivated to run when there’s a ball to chase after. What brought you to the

  • Member Spotlight: Valerie O.

    Name: Valerie Ohanian Nickname: Val Age: 67 Location: Minneapolis Movement Minneapolis team member since: 2016 What’s your athletic/fitness background?  I like a variety of things! My fitness background includes the following modalities: road biking, hiking, climbing, Kettlebell training, and general strength training. What brought you to the Movement?  I came to the Movement to focus on a combination of

  • The 6 Best Gyms in Minneapolis–St. Paul

    The 6 Best Gyms in Minneapolis–St. Paul

    If you’re working to get stronger and fitter, there are a variety of gyms in the Twin Cities to do so. Whether you’re looking for a strength class in St. Paul or an Uptown gym, here are some of the best fitness classes and best gyms in the Twin Cities and their specialities. Best Gym

  • Run Club 1

    MM_Run_Club_Route_1.1 MM_Run_Club_Route_1.2 MM_Run_Club_Route_1.3

  • Coach Spotlight: David Dellanave

    Coach Spotlight: David Dellanave

    Name: David Dellanave Nickname: ddn & Dellanavich Age: 35 Location: Minneapolis Movement Minneapolis team member since: Jan 2013 Role at the Movement: Owner What’s your athletic/fitness background? I played soccer for pretty much my whole youth, but since the soccer team never used the weight room my lifting experience consisted of my doctor recommending I get a weight bench and me laying

  • Monday’s Move: Egg Bake

    Monday’s Move: Egg Bake

    I really like breakfast. Like reeeeeeeeeeally like it. Most mornings I’m fortunate that my schedule allows me to get some things done on the computer, shower, and then cook for myself and Katie before she heads out to work. Having started coaching 6am classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, I’m now back to a traditional egg

  • 28 Day Be Better Challenge

    28 Day Be Better Challenge

    If this New Year your resolution is to finally lose that 10 pounds or to get that bikini body ready for summer, you might want to stop reading right now. There’s nothing wrong with those goals — but over the years we’ve learned that they tend to be false prophets, leaving people wondering what’s next

  • Member Spotlight: Crystal M.

    Member Spotlight: Crystal M.

    Name: Crystal Marie Moten   Nickname: C-mo (or, if you’re my high school BFFs: Remote C-mote)   Age: 35   Location: Minneapolis, MN   Member since: August 2016   What’s your athletic/fitness background? Only five years ago I discovered I my inner athlete. I love weightlifting/powerlifting but had not gotten into it seriously until I

  • Member Spotlight: Lee C.

    Member Spotlight: Lee C.

    Lee Carter Nickname: Lee Age: 30 Location: South Minneapolis Movement Minneapolis member since: 2015 What’s your athletic/fitness background?  Benchwarmer, Middle School football. Around that time I also did some push-ups to prep for a date at the pool, but I didn’t look ripped when the date rolled around 3 days later. Fast forward to 2012, I started

  • Member Spotlight: Myriah M.

    Member Spotlight: Myriah M.

    Name: Myriah Myers Nickname: Mimi Preferred pronoun: I am okay with they/them and she/her. I identify as non-binary. Age: 26 Location: I live in the Whittier/Wedge neighborhood, a block away from the Movement! Movement Minneapolis member since: September 2016 What’s your athletic/fitness background?  One could say my athletic background is the absence of one, really. I had


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