• Success by the Numbers

    We like numbers.  Specifically, we like numbers that help us measure and quantify our training progress.  An oft-paraphrased Peter Druck maxim that we live by is, “If you can‘t measure it, you can‘t manage it.” Something that a lot of people won’t know about The Movement Minneapolis is that we have a custom, proprietary tracking system that we use to

  • Want better workout music?

    Want more of the music you like at The Movement Minneapolis? Then help me create the playlists! Get a Spotify account. (It’s free, and it rocks.) Load up the Movement Minneapolis playlist Add tracks! I’ll take this list, remove anything truly awful, and create a playlist for the gym from it.

  • Things I Haven’t Done In 2 Years of Training

    Roughly two years ago I completely changed the way I train myself, and shifted over to training the same way that every person at The Movement Minneapolis is taught to train.  I thought it would be fun to make a list of all the things that I DO NOT do anymore, since training using the

  • My Omega-3 Profile Results

    A few weeks ago I sent a blood sample to be tested for Omega-3 fatty acids.  The benefits of having low O6 and high O3 and/or high Omega-3s in your system is the topic of another article, but suffice to say that getting a lot of Omega-3 seems to be a Good Thing!  For example,

  • Women’s Self Defense at Movement Uptown

    Imagine this scenario: You’re out with a small group of girl friends at one of the many Uptown watering holes.  You’re not interested in any guys, this is “girl’s night”. Standing at the bar waiting to order, there’s a guy next to you.  He asks where you’re from, and you tell him Uptown.  You’re not

  • Our Core Values

    Recently I read the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsiesh (CEO of Zappos.com).  One of the ideas that Tony credits with the tremendous success of Zappos is the idea of core values that a business holds, and uses in every important decision. This struck a major chord with me.  I realized that this idea is

  • Fall 2011 Tactical Strength Challenge, Minneapolis MN

    UPDATE: We are going to move the contest to our Plymouth location due to better competition equipment options.  The location is 2075 East Center Circle, Plymouth MN 55441. The next international Tactical Strength Challenge will be held at Movement Minneapolis Uptown on Saturday September 17, 2011. The location is at 2100 Suite B Lyndale Ave

  • Stop Getting Hurt Training

    Social media is an interesting beast. It gives you a unique ability to observe people that you never would have had a chance to observe without it. I only interact with a handful of people and clients on a daily basis, but via social media I can virtually watch what hundreds of people do. As

  • Make the Best Decision Every Time

    I want to let you in on a little secret. I make the best decision I possibly can, every time. No, really, I do. And I’m going to tell you how to do it too. All it takes is asking yourself one simple question every time you’re left to a choice. Ready? “Is this the

  • How To Be Successful

    One of our members inspired me to write this note when she wrote on Facebook this weekend “Running hills by Lake Michigan”. Here she was, away from home, finding a way to be active. Her next entry was “Enjoying deep dish chicago pizza.” Incidentally, she has lost 12lbs of fat in the past 3 months.


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