• First After Action Report

    Now that summer and competition season for many sports is here, I want to fill people in on what our exceptional members and athletes are doing.  Today I’m really proud to share the news about what 2 of our athletes accomplished this weekend. On Saturday morning Natalie competed in the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon north

  • Resolution Reality Check

    Today is February 11th. 42 days into 2011. What New Year’s Resolution did you make? How is that going? Let me tell you about a few of The Movement Minneapolis’ community members progress: Beth: Down 7lbs Mark: Down 15lbs Sam: Down 2lbs, 1% Body Fat Alicia: Down 2lbs & 3 inches Lyndsy: Down 5lbs &

  • Writing Checks Your Body Can’t Cash

    One of my favorite movies of all time is Top Gun. Any opportunity for a Top Gun reference will be seized immediately. The wonders of modern life are an ever-present temptation to write checks your body simply can’t cash. A typical cheeseburger and small fries at the popular chain Five Guys weighs in at a