• Member Spotlight: Josh T.

    Name: Josh Talsky Age: 32 Location: Uptown Minneapolis Movement Minneapolis member since: October 2015   What’s your athletic/fitness background?  Trained with an RKC Team Leader for two years prior to joining Movement. Before that, I might’ve gone to the gym a couple times per month.   What’s been the biggest change for you since joining the

  • Member Spotlight: Donna A.

    Name: Donna Adams Nickname: The Destroyer 😉 Age: 43 Location: Lino Lakes, Minn. Movement member since: 2014   What’s your athletic/fitness background? BAND CAMP! I didn’t become athletic until my late 20s and early 30s when something clicked in my head that I loved the outdoors and moving my body. Growing up I didn’t think I had the body for

  • Still Kickin Workout: The OG

    STILL KICKIN’ is coming home! Last year, we teamed up with Movement Minneapolis member Nora Purmort and her Still Kickin organization for two charity workouts that raised over $2000. The money was immediately donated to Scott, a young father of four, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in March of 2014. Fast forward a year,

  • Movement Highlights: The Number One Spot

    While The Movement Minneapolis may look like a typical strength training gym on the surface, underneath we’re so much more. Utilizing biofeedback testing and pragmatic programming allows members to get stronger everyday. And inevitably their new-found strength allows them to take on challenges outside of the gym. This video is a glimpse into a community of people striving for better

  • What’s In The Box?

    At 30 I feel fortunate for the different learning, career, and life experiences under my belt, but I could never make sense of them all. I’ve had moments where I’ve ended up on the successful side of the experience, learned and knowledgeable. But I’ve also had my fair share where I haven’t made it through. I’ve

  • The Third Voice

    We’ve all been there: at that point where we just don’t know anymore. Similar to running out of cash, we reach into our pockets and turn up nothing. We’ve reached the edge of our knowledge and experience, and we stand frozen in fear not knowing what the next step is.This likely happens more than we notice. The

  • The One Secret Of Success

    As human beings, we are excellent at creating rituals and habits. We do it out of both necessity and desire. There are too many actions to be taken on a daily basis to consciously think about them all. It’s by creating habits that we free up mental and physical space for creativity, fun, and personal

  • To-dos That We Don’t Do

    Spring is coming and our to-do lists are starting to get made. To-do lists are an adult version of a magical letter to Santa. They are full of hope and good intentions. We pull from the buffet of tasks that are floating around our minds and fill the page with all we want to accomplish.

  • The Math Behind the Work-Life Balance

    Whether it’s time, weight or money management — as I grow wiser I’m finally able to see the connections between a lot of life’s “issues.” The problems are all the same, but thankfully, so are the solutions. A lack of experience leads to the inability to change our perspective and understand context — leaving us feeling stuck and frustrated until

  • Fall Cooking Without All the Pumpkins

    Fall is by far my favorite season. Not because of football or pumpkin spiced lattes (PSL, as they’re called on the streets), but because I enjoy the sights and smells of the trees changing — and the fact I can stop involuntarily sweating throughout the day and night. As a corollary, I can also crank up my oven-based cooking