• What Three Years of Progress Really Looks Like

    What Three Years of Progress Really Looks Like

    Three years at the same gym is the longest sustained period of physical activity in my life.  I was active growing up, played varsity soccer and basketball, but there were always down periods and the coaching staff cared more about the team goals than individual players. There was very little “you need to work on

  • Pull Sh*t Off the Floor Every Day Challenge

    It’s that time of year again in Minneapolis: Parents are posting pictures of their kids in back-to-school clothes, and State Fair-goers are posting pictures of every imaginable food on a stick. It’s that time of year again at the Movement Minneapolis, too. Members are trading in their summer grip on paddleboards and bike handles for

  • What’s In The Box?

    At 30 I feel fortunate for the different learning, career, and life experiences under my belt, but I could never make sense of them all. I’ve had moments where I’ve ended up on the successful side of the experience, learned and knowledgeable. But I’ve also had my fair share where I haven’t made it through. I’ve

  • The Third Voice

    We’ve all been there: at that point where we just don’t know anymore. Similar to running out of cash, we reach into our pockets and turn up nothing. We’ve reached the edge of our knowledge and experience, and we stand frozen in fear not knowing what the next step is.This likely happens more than we notice. The

  • The One Secret Of Success

    As human beings, we are excellent at creating rituals and habits. We do it out of both necessity and desire. There are too many actions to be taken on a daily basis to consciously think about them all. It’s by creating habits that we free up mental and physical space for creativity, fun, and personal

  • To-dos That We Don’t Do

    Spring is coming and our to-do lists are starting to get made. To-do lists are an adult version of a magical letter to Santa. They are full of hope and good intentions. We pull from the buffet of tasks that are floating around our minds and fill the page with all we want to accomplish.

  • Do You Deserve Better?

    I’ve been in the health and wellness business for well over a decade and not always as a trainer. As a matter of fact, most of my professional life has been working with people dealing with the downstream effects of poor choices. They have entered a stage of urgency: I NEED versus I WANT. They

  • 8 Easy Tips For Better Sleep

    Sleep – the holy grail of recovery and feeling better. Something many of us know we don’t get as much as we should or would like to. But when we do get enough – we feel better, happier, more focused, and are able to handle stress better. In short, we’re healthier. And what are the

  • Primal Blueprint Seminar in Minneapolis

    Those who know me, even peripherally, know that I simply can’t abide things I disagree with. Even more so on topics that matter in a big way, like food and exercise. As such, it’s hard for me to find places to refer people to for information other than my own site – and there is

  • Squat Perfectly – FOR YOU – Every Time

    If you do a Google search for ‘squat form’ you will find hundreds, maybe thousands of articles detailing how to squat with supposedly perfect form. I could nitpick, or point out what I like in one, or dislike in another, but it wouldn’t be very useful. I just have one question: How can someone tell


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