• Chris and Jane’s Uptown Gym Strength Class Experience

    Chris and Jane’s Uptown Gym Strength Class Experience

    Jane and Chris walked into Movement Minneapolis a little unsure that it was going to be any different than any other strength class or gym they’d checked out in the past. They had been members of Life Time Fitness forever, but despite all the best intentions as they approached their 50s, Jane’s back hurt all the time. Chris felt like he couldn’t handle hikes along the north shore that they loved. They figured there was nothing much to lose giving this Uptown gym strength class a try for a few weeks.


    Adjust and accommodate

    The first thing they noticed that was different was the workouts truly were adjusted and accommodated to fit them exactly where they were starting from. Nothing felt like pushing or forcing anything. With Jane’s back pain especially, certain movements that seemed out of the question were adapted so they would work for her. In time, she’d grow and progress to doing the full versions. Needing to make adjustments wasn’t looked down upon or burdensome, in fact it seemed like it was par for the course.

    Feeling stronger every day

    They started to notice, after just a couple of weeks, that there was actually a noticeable difference in how strong they felt doing everyday tasks. Carrying groceries up the stairs wasn’t a notable event anymore. Back pain was going from every day to every few days or less often. This kind of noticeable change had never happened to them before. In fact, not noticing any improvement is what made every other false start with a fitness routine end shortly after it started.


    Practice makes perfect

    After the first month it became apparent that there was much more hidden below the surface of how the workouts were designed than they had appreciated initially. What felt like sort of a random workout that got you sweaty was actually intentionally progressive over time, with a significant amount of repetition and overlap so that things started to become familiar. It almost felt like practice, rather than working out.


    Strength of community

    It wasn’t until they stuck around a little bit longer that they started to notice that they really enjoyed the community of other members at the gym. Instead of wishing the gym was empty so they wouldn’t have to deal with other people, they were looking forward to seeing the familiar faces at their regular strength class times, and they’d miss people when they weren’t at their usual class. Now, they are participating in the Movement gym outings to things like rock climbing, something they wouldn’t even have considered an option before.

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