• Coach Spotlight: Bridget M.

    Coach Spotlight: Bridget M.

    Name: Bridget McGinnis

    Nickname: B

    Age: 42

    Location: SW Minneapolis

    Movement Minneapolis team member since: Aug 2012

    Role at the Movement: Movement Coach

    What’s your athletic/fitness background?

    B.A. in Dance, triathlete, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, strength training.

    What brought you to The Movement?

    Mark brought me to The Movement for rehabbing my knee. I remember thinking that that I had found a great new place to lift the weights! I had previously spent 3 years in a CrossFit gym.

    What’s been the biggest change for you since joining the Movement?

    Being offered the opportunity to be a Movement Coach!

    What’s been your favorite Movement moment so far?

    Difficult to pinpoint one favorite moment. I like it when the members are all chatting and there is a hilarious group discussion taking place while everyone is working out.

    Tell us about your most memorable PR.

    Deadlift #215 (this was after my knee injury and #15 over my pre injury PR of #200) and 787 jumps in the 5-minute jump rope test.

    Do you have a favorite exercise/workout/training style? If so, what is it?

    I enjoy when you don’t realize how hard you are working out then when you’re done, you’re all sweaty and tired! Like Acro Yoga!

    How about your least favorite exercise/workout?

    Hamstring curls, a necessary evil!

    Do you prefer training solo or with a partner/team?


    When did you know you were hooked?

    First day!

    If you could tell people one thing about the Movement, what would it be?

    You’ll move and be better!

    How do you spend your days when you’re not at the gym? 

    Running my teenage girls everywhere! Napping! Trying to find cheap flights to Paris 🙂


    What do you think people would be surprised to know about you?

    I have four moms…

    Any secret/hidden talents or hobbies?

    I make delicious gluten- and dairy-free mini-chocolate molten cakes.

    What’s your favorite post-workout meal?

    Humboldt salad: greens, sliced turkey, walnuts, dried cherries, blue cheese, lemon juice, olive oil and fresh cracked pepper.

    What are you training for/what’s your next training goal?

    Jiu Jitsu competitions in 2017.

    How can people find/connect with you?

    Facebook (Bridget McGinnis), Instagram (@bfmcginnis), Snapchat (bfmcginnis)

    What does being ‘strong’ mean for you? How do you see strength manifest in yourself and others?

    This is a difficult question because being strong means so much more than just an ability to move heavy weights. After looking up the definition of strong, I found this: “able to withstand great force or pressure”. I think this best sums up what strong means to me because it can manifest itself in so many other ways besides muscle.