• Coach Spotlight: Kate G.

    Coach Spotlight: Kate G.

    Name: Kate Gallagher

    Nickname: kmg

    Age: 31

    Location: Minneapolis

    Movement Minneapolis team member since: September 2015

    Role at the Movement: Movement Trainer

    What’s your athletic/fitness background?

    Team sports weren’t my jam as a youth or teen, but I did get cajoled into being on the diving team for my high school from 7th-10th grade because there was only one other diver. Thankfully, diving is pretty much a solo sport.

    My parents used to be marathon runners so I tried to convince myself that running was a good idea. Many 5k’s, a few 10k’s and a half-marathon later, I can say that while I love to trail run and will tackle tricky single-track nearly any day, road running and racing are not for me. Lucky for me, the coach I sought out for barefoot running was also a CrossFitter who saw the value in lifting heavy. Sled-pushing my laundry basket filled with every dumbbell I owned up and down the hallway eventually led to learning to squat, bench, and deadlift with a barbell.

    There was a day sometime in summer 2012 when I took my kettlebell for a walk around the neighborhood (c’mon folks, heavy carries!). I realized I probably looked like a weirdo to my neighbors, but didn’t mind at all. I had found my happy place.

    What brought you to The Movement? Do you remember your first workout here and what you thought of it? 

    In 2012 the seed was planted in my mind to pursue a career in fitness. During the spring of 2014 as I studied for my ACE Personal Trainer exam, I started scoping out gyms in the Twin Cities where I thought I might find an eventual home. That led me to The Movement. I didn’t realize at the time that Jen and David were married (I’d followed both separately online), but I was thrilled to make the connection sometime in July 2015. In October 2015 I attended my first powerlifting meet (I was thinking of competing myself) and not coincidentally David and Jen were there (I maaaaay have stalked Jen online to know she was competing). I introduced myself, royally butchered David’s last name, and decided to register for a meet that December.

    I don’t remember my first workout at The Movement, but I do remember very clearly a night in early December when David invited me to join a Barbell Club meeting about meet prep. My first meet was only a week away and I was so grateful to be able to talk through the specifics with seasoned lifters. I loved the smell of the gym. I loved how welcoming people were.

    When did you know you were hooked?

    The minute I walked in the door. I’m not exaggerating. After the barbell meeting I mentioned earlier, I walked out of the gym bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement. I probably would have moved into the corner near the skylight if I thought I could get away with it. (The roof doesn’t even leak there!)

    What’s been the biggest change for you since joining the Movement?

    Hmm… I’ve a list going now. The biggest one is that I quit my day job to pursue a career in fitness. That’s definitely big, and scary, and I will be working on it for the foreseeable future.

    What’s been your favorite Movement moment so far?

    I have new favorite moments every week when a member has an “ah-ha” moment with a movement or in life, or when someone hits a new PR or comes into the gym because that’s where they feel at home. It’s delightful to see people be themselves and I cherish the moments when I get to see someone shine.

    071616_WoS_028Tell us about your most memorable PR.

    During the Women of Steel powerlifting meet earlier this summer I failed my second bench press attempt for jumping the “press” command. I knew I had the lift and I was determined to not let the failed attempt derail my meet success thus far. Before the third attempt I visualized over and over again making the lift with all of the correct commands. And I did! It was immensely gratifying to successfully come back from a failed attempt to nail the third.

    Do you have a favorite exercise/workout/training style? If so, what is it?

    It’s definitely a tie between a good sweaty session with heavy weights and a long walk outside. There’s little in life that can’t be improved by either, but I think low-intensity steady-state (LISS) training doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves for it’s physical and mental benefits. Take me for a walk any day! I might just actually be a puppy.

    How about your least favorite exercise/workout?

    Anything that involves throwing up. I’ll find other ways to chase the six-pack, thank you very much (in the kitchen, for starters).

    Do you prefer training solo or with a partner/team?

    Maybe somewhere in between? One of the reasons I liked The Movement as a member was that I could work out with people, but not really with people. Before The Movement, I was the weird one (wish I’d had a “Don’t Worry About What I’m Doing” tank back then). I wasn’t often successful at convincing friends to join in my weirdness so I mostly trained alone.

    If you could tell people one thing about The Movement, what would it be?

    Getting stronger isn’t nearly as scary as it might seem and it’s so damn useful! C’mon . . . you know you wanna . . !


    How do you spend your days when you’re not at the gym? 

    There are days when I’m not at the gym? Just kidding. I like to hike, camp, and canoe in the warmer months and hunker-down inside to read books and play games in wintertime. I’m always on a project and that could lead me to the other side of town or the other side of the world. The other big way I spend my time is with my parents and three siblings. My family is spread all over the world, so a lot of my time is spent visiting them or with them when they visit me.

    What do you think people would be surprised to know about you?

    Many people are surprised to learn that I speak Spanish fluently and often don’t believe me. My K-5 education was all in Spanish and I spent a couple of summers living in Spain. Famous Dave’s in Calhoun Square used to have a salsa night on Tuesdays (maybe they still do) and somehow my parents allowed me to go when I was in high school. On a school night, no less!

    Any secret/hidden talents or hobbies?

    It’s not a secret, but I like to knit and crochet when I can sit still for long enough to do either. I prefer to read (fiction) above pretty much anything else. Lately, I’ve been rekindling a love for baking sweets – which I’m always happy to share.

    What’s your favorite post-workout meal?

    Unfortunately, not eating . . . which catches up with me about an hour later when I’m ravenously hungry. I really like vegetables, so I’m always down for veggies, steak and a slice of really good bread with salted butter.

    What are you training for/what’s your next training goal?

    I’m headed to Philly in late October for the Russian Kettlebell Certification level one (RKC I) course. It’s going to be three intense days of swinging, snatching, cleaning, and learning how to better teach kettlebell technique. There’s an intimidating practical exam at the end so it’s all kettlebells all the time until then.

    How can people find/connect with you?

    I’m on Insta as @kmonsterg. You can find me on Facebook, too. I’m so bad at Twitter that I don’t even bother.


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