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    I’ve been in the health and wellness business for well over a decade and not always as a trainer. As a matter of fact, most of my professional life has been working with people dealing with the downstream effects of poor choices. They have entered a stage of urgency: I NEED versus I WANT. They no longer have the luxury of options and the privilege of being able to make better choices because they WANT to look better or feel better. At this point they have to. From obvious physical injuries like knee, hip, shoulder replacements to the insidious physiological injuries like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and more, this demographic had to take steps to change their lifestyle because the pain was too great or they were going to die.

    Pain is a great motivator – perhaps the greatest, but I couldn’t help think that if we were able to sit down earlier in the process, the pull of desire and want for a better would be just as powerful as the push from pain. Pain comes in many different forms. It could be physical in the form of muscle, bone, and joint aches. It could be chemical in the form of cravings, mental fogginess, or lacking energy. It could be emotional in the form of wanting a better body, wanting to feel in control of food and life choices, wanting to simply enjoy life without obsessing. Pain is simply knowing there is better and not being able to get there.

    Ten years have gone by and now I’m here. I decided to move upstream and see what can be done on the other end of the spectrum. I made of goal of putting the clinics i worked with out of business (I actually told them this). I wanted to find a way to educate, motivate, and support people that wanted to live their best and avoid the downstream effects I was all too familiar with.  I’m sure you all know someone at that end or even see them walking blindly into the deep end. It’s an incredibly large and profitable industry, so I also know that people are looking for answers. And the market has answered with countless shelves filled with titles like: “The Last…” or “The Only Diet That…” There are three things most of these books either gloss over or avoid talking about all together.

    1 – You must have the basics down.

    There are fundamentals that underlie ALL these diets. Basics of nutrition that is based in both science and experience across almost all people. These basics are what drive the majority of the results. They are easy and obvious when you start implementing them, but because they don’t have the flash and glitter, are often ignored.

    2 – Environment is essential.

    Who, what, and how you surround yourself will directly influence your choices. It’s often said that you are an amalgam of your 5 closest friends – well, that’s putting it incredibly trivially. Everything from the route you drive to work, commercials you watch on tv, to the lighting at a restaurant will influence your decisions. There are entire industries, fields of study, and thousands of highly-paid researchers studying how to do this. A veritable army, and you are but one person trying to stand tall against this force.

    3 – What you did to get there, is what you will need to do to stay there.

    You’ve probably heard of rebound. This is what happens when you return to your normal because you haven’t developed a “new normal”. I’m sure you have either experienced this or know friends and family that have gone through diets changes only to go back to the way they were before. It’s not all their fault or a sign of poor willpower. This is a design flaw in plans that are designed to get you excited, sell you something, and then sell you the next thing when that fails.

    I created LiVit to fill these gaps and several others. LiVit stands for Lifelong Vitality and that is the goal. A slow and purposeful approach to creating sustainable changes in your lifestyle and habits that will make your goals and the life you want inevitable.

    A LiVit member once called it “Lifestyle Rehabilitation”. I love that description. Although we focus on nutrition and health, the concepts will influence all areas of your life. It has to. Otherwise, the changes won’t stick. You will feel better for a while and then old patterns will pull you back into your previous state.

    LiVit Coaching includes:

    – A plan – it’s what everyone wants. Your plan will evolve over the 12-week period. Foods, timing, habits, practice and many other factors that will be tried and tested and finally incorporated into an outline that you have contributed to and know you can follow.

    – Weekly video lessons and tasks – some will be nutrition oriented, others will be lifestyle oriented. Either way, there is something you will be doing to make your life better. This is not a program to sit back and just think about things.

    – Private Facebook group – for all questions, updates, support and check-ins. A foundational belief of LiVit is the GROUP will support the change. Sharing, talking, asking each other will only accelerate your success.

    – Monthly live meetings – We love online communication for convenience, but nothing beats being face to face, especially in a group setting. For some people the group setting is exactly what they need to unlock what they’re thinking and feeling. For the more individual types we also have an option I’ll mention in a moment.

    – 12 Weeks of support and learning – To learn the basics, lay the foundation and give you the tools to be able to carry it forward. This isn’t a 12-week crash diet where you will lose 70 pounds and win the lottery. Once we get started, you are likely to lose a couple pounds a week and continue moving in that direction with little to no effort. There will always be pauses and ups and downs, but that is life and it is absolutely unavoidable. The goal is to trend toward where you want to be.

    The 12-Week LiVit Group Coaching is $299
    and Starts October 13th

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    I have also opened a second coaching option (in addition to the above). In addition to the group, some want or need more accountability and support, or just don’t thrive in a group setting. Perhaps you’ve gone back and forth multiple times or maybe you know you need a more specialized approach because of clinical issue. In this relationship, we can get more customized and purposeful with creating your plan and tackle the factors that hold you back from success.

    • One-on-One session to setup goals and lay the foundational ideas down
    • Accountability via tracking supervision and weekly email check-ins
    • Four half-hour sessions to discuss and explore the next steps and figure out what’s not working in your current steps.

    A la carte, this coaching option would cost $525 on it’s own.

    Combined with the LiVit Group Coaching, the total is $499
    Click Here to Sign Up for Group PLUS One-On-One Coaching


    I have expectations for you, if you decide to make these changes for the better.

    • You need to understand that consistency is key.
    • You need to communicate and share with the group.
    • You need to ask questions when you don’t understand.
    • You need to be willing to listen – to both LiVit and Yourself.

    That’s the story of LiVit and my life’s work. I have poured myself into this program. I would like everyone should experience the joy and excitement I get from this program. If you want it, if you want better, if you want the life you know you deserve (and you do, everyone deserves to thrive) you owe it to yourself, and everyone around you to join immediately. Don’t wait, LiVit starts the week of October 13th.

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    Click Here to Sign Up for Group PLUS One-On-One Coaching


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