• First After Action Report

    Now that summer and competition season for many sports is here, I want to fill people in on what our exceptional members and athletes are doing.  Today I’m really proud to share the news about what 2 of our athletes accomplished this weekend.

    On Saturday morning Natalie competed in the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon north of Stillwater.  The bike was strenuous, hilly terrain but Natalie placed 3rd in her age class which is a big Personal Record for her.  Natalie’s schedule is CRAZY because of her work in life-saving organ transplantation.  Her time for training over the past couple months has been erratic, but she still made the time to put in reps and it is already paying off early in the competition season.

    Meanwhile, across the country, our friend Nick competed in his third IronMan triathlon, in the IronMan St. George Utah.  Nick put in an impressive performance, but the oppressive heat in excess of 90 degrees was the one factor he couldn’t train for over a Minnesota winter.  Despite that, and showing true grit, Nick finished the race.

    The thing that made me most proud of Nick was that he listened to his body and didn’t let the pressure of competition push him to hurting himself.  He just made it easy, and finished the race at his pace.  We teach all of our members to listen to their body, no one and nothing else.  Nick displayed this characteristic when it truly mattered.

    Congratulations to both of them.  I hope to bring many more reports to you over the summer months.



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