• How McDonald’s Can Help You Lose Fat


    We can all make a better hamburger on the grill than McDonald’s… so what’s one reason why they are such a successful restaurant chain?


    There is a system for everything at McDonalds. Systems not only lead to efficiency and time saved at the drive-thru, but they also allow them to replicate their success an infinite number of times (and in different places).

    You can increase your own successes by taking a page out of their book and taking a systematic approach. Developing systems for your approach to nutrition, workouts and lifestyle choices will enable you to have more free time and will also reduce your overall stress.

    Take driving to a friend’s new house in the busy city for example. At first it can be confusing on the best route to take along where you should park for convenience. You need a map or GPS and you follow the directions carefully with the radio turned off so you don’t get distracted. But after a few trips under your belt, you’re able to drop the extra tools like your GPS or map and feel so much more comfortable with the turns and nuances that made the initial trip more difficult.

    You’ve decreased your stress and inevitably saved a bit of time as well.

    Eventually, it’s automatic and you can think about something else entirely as you autopilot to your destination.

    Below are some examples of various systems that will make you more successful in the gym and home:

    Don’t have enough lean protein for every meal?
    • It takes basically the same amount of time to cook one piece of chicken as it does six of them.  Batch cook various recipes for easy leftovers.


    Struggling to get enough water in? 
    • Set a goal for how much of your water bottle you want to drink and put that many rubber bands on it.  As you drink one, remove a rubber band and place it on your wrist (to remind yourself to drink more) or store it away.
    Can’t get the veggies in while in a hurry? 
    • Buy once or twice a week, and clean and cut them immediately.  Sundays and Thursdays usually work well.


    Using lack of gym clothes as a reason to head home after work?
    • Have a separate backpack or duffle bag packed and in your backseat before you leave for work.
    Struggling to fall asleep right away?
    • Develop curfews for certain activities and start to dim the lights around your house at a specific time each night.

    Systemize as much as you can and watch your success replicate along with finding yourself with more free time to do what you really want to in life — including being with your friends and family more. We’ll break each one these system down in the future and discuss why they’re important (especially how to increase sleep quality), but for now focus on what’s easy to change today.


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