• Kettlebells: Our Favorite Russian Import

    Russia has provided us with a lot throughout the years. They are to be credited with innovations such as vodka and important world figures like Ivan Drago.

    We’ve had sort of a love/hate relationship with our comrades to the east (or west if you’re Sarah Palin). They have been both allies and adversaries over the years, but any ill will borne between us should be forgiven when we consider the potential impact of a certain Russian import that is beginning to make waves here in America. I speak of course of the kettlebell.

    What’s a kettlebell? It’s basically a cannonball with a handle…and that’s it. There are no fancy gizmos attached to it, it’s just a cast iron ball. Don’t let the simplicity of this device fool you. It’s a fat-busting, calorie-burning, strength-building machine, and probably one of the toughest workouts you’ll ever do.

    What do you with this big ball of metal? The most common exercises are the swing and the snatch. The swing is pretty self-explanatory. First you grip the kettlebell (with either one or two hands) and then you swing it between your legs. Sounds easy right? Try doing twenty of those and tell me how easy it is. The snatch is a little more complex. You grip the kettlebell with one hand and get into the starting position for the swing, then, in one explosive movement, you lift the kettlebell over your head and lock your arm out at the top.

    For a video demonstrations click here:
    So what’s so great about it? It provides the cardio burn of running with the strength
    training of weightlifting, giving you a full body, fat burning workout in a short amount of time, taking only 20 minutes to burn 400 calories.

    Who else uses kettlebells in their training?

    • Russian strongmen and military personnel of the past 300 years
    • The Spartans from the movie 300
    • Chris Hemsworth, better known as Thor
    • The Tennessee Titans and the Detroit Lions football teams
    • The Detroit Red Wings hockey team
    • Sylvester Stallone
    • Former MMA Welterweight Champion BJ Penn
    • Lance Armstrong
    • Penelope Cruz
    • Jennifer Lopez
    • Katherine Heigl
    • And countless others who want to improve their fitness.

    So swing on down to Movement Minneapolis (and get a free week of training!) to see what the kettlebell can do for you.


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