• Member Spotlight: Valerie O.

    Name: Valerie Ohanian

    Nickname: Val

    Age: 67

    Location: Minneapolis

    Movement Minneapolis team member since: 2016

    What’s your athletic/fitness background? 

    I like a variety of things! My fitness background includes the following modalities: road biking, hiking, climbing, Kettlebell training, and general strength training.

    What brought you to the Movement? 

    I came to the Movement to focus on a combination of range of motion and biodynamic testing.

    Do you remember your first workout and what you thought of it? 

    I’ll admit, my first workout was overwhelming in terms of the number of unfamiliar exercises and lifts!

    What’s been the biggest change since joining the Movement? 

    Overall, I am much stronger. Specifically, chronic pain from old sports injuries has been alleviated, and my scoliosis and kyphosis has diminished.

    What’s been your favorite Movement moment so far? 

    I don’t have a favorite movement specifically, I enjoy that the full package from day to day or week to week is full of variety.

    Do you prefer training solo or with a partner/team/class? 

    The class setting is perfect for me.

    When did you know you were hooked? 

    When I was aware I not only had less pain but felt better and stronger overall.

    What does being “strong” mean to you? 

    Knowing I can move, lift things, and exert without wondering if I will suffer from it.

    How do you spend your days when you’re not at the gym? 

    Practicing/teaching classical homeopathy and shamanic healing methods, cycling, traveling, or writing.

    What are you training for/what’s your next training goal? 

    Getting a head start on training for a cycle trip from Paris to Budapest in a couple of years!

    How can people find/connect with you? 


    Do you have any advice for people starting out? 

    Having patience with the learning process is key; learning the movements, learning how your body learns, and sticking with it over time. As a Movement coach once said, “no one ever regrets going to the gym!”