• Monday’s Move: Egg Bake

    Monday’s Move: Egg Bake

    I really like breakfast. Like reeeeeeeeeeally like it. Most mornings I’m fortunate that my schedule allows me to get some things done on the computer, shower, and then cook for myself and Katie before she heads out to work. Having started coaching 6am classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, I’m now back to a traditional egg bake prep on Sundays so we have a legit option that reheats well and is actually satisfying. I personally don’t function well with a yogurt (or two) and a banana. Smoothies don’t do it for me in the winter, either.

    There’s of course no shortage of nutrition and financial advice out there for New Year’s resolutions. In that vein, I did the exact math from our receipt yesterday so I knew down to the penny what this thing costs rather than relaying some bullshit number that you see on a lot of infographics. The following recipe breaks down to $2.74 per 4-egg slice. That’s not bad for shopping at Whole Foods and using $4/dozen eggs. If you want to push the price down, you have some wiggle room.

    So anyways, here’s what I’ve adapted from various online recipes. You can swap in various other veggies, spices, and other proteins — but this should give you a pretty legit foundation to work off of. My breakdown is essentially 12 eggs + 1/2 pound of other meat + and 3-ish cups of veggies.

    To me, a good egg bake comes down to a little patience and care. Some thoughts:

    • I always pre-cook my extra meat and veggies. It’s an easy chance to add some seasoning and flare.
    • Whipping the eggs throughly makes for a better consistency, don’t get lazy here.
    • I also like to cook mine a little longer at a lower temp, instead of creating a nasty burnt curst on the outside. I seem to be at about 375 degrees most often. Covering with a piece of tin foil can also help your cause here.
    • Pay attention to your own oven temp and buy an oven thermometer. Ovens can be so variable which will cause issues if you follow a recipe to a T and expect it to look like the book’s photo.

    Typical Ingredients:

    • 2 tablespoons fat of choice ( I generally use coconut oil for this, 1 for greasing the pan liberally and 1 for the veggies)
    • 12 eggs, whisked thoroughly
    • 1/2 pound breakfast sausage (sage is generally my go to)
    • 2 Bell Peppers – I usually use one green and one red
    • 1 cup mushrooms
    • 1/2 yellow onion, diced up
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder


    • Cook your meat, set aside, wipe pan, and cook and season your veggies w/ the same pan to cut down on clean up.
    • You can can generally whip up your eggs while monitoring the veggies
    • Liberally grease your baking pan (I use like a 10×8 that has it’s own lid for leftovers)
    • Dump your veggies and meat in. Spread a bit. Dump in all that egg and lightly mix around to evenly distribute.
    • Put said pan in your hot oven. Bake at 375 to 400 Degrees for 25-30 minutes. I start checking around the 20 minute mark, I stab a knife in the center and am looking for no runny egg on the knife at all.
    • Tell your dog to get down repeatedly when cooking bacon.

    Bad dog - sortof

    I timed myself yesterday and this is about a 35 to 40-minute process from start to finish. You can probably finish this faster than me, but I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s “10 minutes of prep!” You can also cheat a bit with already diced veggies from the store, or pre-cooked sausage that you simply thaw out and dice up (but remember, this will drive cost up). Once you’ve done enough reps, you can put this recipe in your workflow if you’re already cooking Sunday dinner and want to take advantage of an already hot oven.

    To your (better) breakfasts,