• New Experiences In The First Few Days of February

    A few days ago we presented you with a challenge, to experience new things in the month of February. Read more about the challenge here. I’m going to do my best to track my new experiences for the month here on the site.

    February 1: Jen and I had dinner at a place called Chimborazo in Northeast Minneapolis. The restaurant serves traditional ecuadorian food, which I’ve never had. I described it as “the Victor’s of dinner” which is pretty much the best compliment ever.


    February 2: I presented, along with Jen, for the Minnesota state NSCA at their winter clinic. This wasn’t my very first speaking engagement, but there was a lot that was intimidating about it. I chose to present something cutting edge, which is much harder than sticking to the status quo. The size of the group, over 100 people, probably made it the largest audience I’ve presented to as well.

    February 3: I haven’t been snowshoeing since I was very little, and a pair of snowshoes that have been floating around the garage have been tempting me all winter. I rallied the dogs and Jen for a trip through the woods. It was really awesome. You can pretty much go anywhere with the snowshoes, and we covered ground that is normally swamp in the summer, and inaccessible because of the varied and snow covered terrain in the winter. The dogs were like little all-terrain vehicles, bounding up and down and around all over the place. This activity will probably go in the rotation, because it was a great way to get out and move on a day when we would have otherwise spent the entire day inside on computers and/or in front of the Super Bowl. ebb6419c6e5511e2aaa222000a1fb843_7-1

    February 4: I’m going to have Movement Minneapolis coach Jennifer Blake show me some Pilates movements before I get started on my lifting session. I can proudly say I’ve never done any Pilates before, but I’m  not too proud to try something new.

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