No Pee in PR


To Pee or Not to Pee, it shouldn’t even be a question. Laughing, sneezing, jumping or deadlifting are not the times to feel a little trickle. The causes vary from giving birth to injury of the pelvic floor to emotional stresses. The primary thing to remember is urinating, however little, during general life activities is not necessary and there are solutions.

This is a one-night one-to-two hour workshop:

We’ll start with a brief explanation of the anatomy of the pelvic floor and then go directly into exercises and movements to help resolve the issue. I’ll teach you a set of simple but key physical therapy techniques, answer your questions, and give you exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine and workout warm-ups to address your specific needs.

Instructor: Erika Mundinger DPT

Date: Wednesday February 13,  7:00pm

Where: The Movement Minneapolis