• Resolution Reality Check

    Today is February 11th. 42 days into 2011.

    What New Year’s Resolution did you make?

    How is that going?

    Let me tell you about a few of The Movement Minneapolis’ community members progress:

    Beth: Down 7lbs
    Mark: Down 15lbs
    Sam: Down 2lbs, 1% Body Fat
    Alicia: Down 2lbs & 3 inches
    Lyndsy: Down 5lbs & 1% Body Fat
    Tyler: Down 10lbs & 1% Body Fat
    Jeanette: Down 4lbs
    Erika: Down 7lbs & 3% Body Fat
    Greg: Down 3lbs & 1% Body Fat
    Rollin: Down 5lbs
    David (Employee): Up 5lbs of Lean Mass & 4 Inches
    Adam (Employee): Up 4lbs of Lean Mass
    Megan (Employee): Down 1% Body Fat

    Take a moment for a reality check. Are you 42 days closer to your goal, or are you 42 days further away?


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