They’re what every trainer and gym promises. It’s the most common word in fitness jargon, and almost certainly the most misused. When we talk about results, we’re talking about a completely different kind of results based fitness.

The Movement Minneapolis was founded by the need to build a fitness center with a results-based mindset. Specifically, here is what we do differently that demonstrates our commitment to results-based training:

  1. Clients are measured on 12 data points from the very beginning, and every month of their membership. This ensures that their body is headed in exactly the direction they want it to, and gives us a quantifiable result on which to make training changes.
  2. Every single rep is tracked in a custom built computer software that gives a progress report at the end of each training session. You know the result of your training before you even leave the gym, and when the improvements are always positive you know you’re making progress.
  3. Specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic goals are set by each member. Each and every time these goals are achieved, it’s a reminder and confirmation that results are coming their way.

Lots of fitness professionals pay lip service to the much desired results. Very few can demonstrate conclusively, in cold hard numbers what those results are.

The training system at The Movement Minneapolis is unlike any other. The result of each exercise leads you to your next exercise, the results of the workout determine your next training session, and the results in your physique and performance determine what follows. To us, results are the outcome by which we determine our next move.

The #1 reason to trust your fitness to The Movement Minneapolis is that you are guaranteed results you can see.