• The Third Voice


    We’ve all been there: at that point where we just don’t know anymore. Similar to running out of cash, we reach into our pockets and turn up nothing. We’ve reached the edge of our knowledge and experience, and we stand frozen in fear not knowing what the next step is.This likely happens more than we notice. The reflexive action is to turn away from that edge and keep repeating that which we know. And as long as what we know brings joy and satisfaction, there isn’t a problem with this approach.

    However, if you reach the edge looking for something more, different, or simply better, turning back to repeat what you are already doing will keep bringing you back to the same edge — each time feeling more pain and more frustration.

    As humans we are social animals. When standing on the edge, we need to seek out more knowledge and experience. We need another voice besides our own. We need new information and help implementing this new learning despite our current habits, beliefs, fears and understandings.

    The Three Voices

    In our lives, we have three voices that we depend on.

    The First Voice is your inner voice. This is you, your experience, and your knowledge. This doesn’t include EVERYTHING you have ever learned, but rather what you can remember now. Your habits, environment, circumstances, and health all play a factor in the robustness of this voice.

    When at the edge, this voice is often confused and begging for familiar footing.

    Some people have the predisposition for their inner voice to say, “Just jump and we’ll figure it out.” This is not a common reaction, though it can lead to great learning and adventures. It often comes with the expense of bruises and time.

    The Second Voice is the voice of your immediate community. Family, friends, coworkers, or anyone that you interact with on a regular basis. They create a wall of sound that your voice often echoes. This environment of people is there because you likely agree with their opinions and perspectives. They know you and you know them. When you are standing on that edge, they can offer insight based on their observations and experiences of you.

    The second voice primarily deals in advice. This voice will offer a different perspective than your own, but it won’t be too different. You can learn and adjust from these teachings, but it is limited to the opinions and observations of your community. The second voice will likely ignore it’s own role in your dilemma.

    You will benefit from a new insight provided by the second voice. However, the insights will be relatively congruent with your current experience and knowledge and only propel you slightly forward.

    The Third Voice is likely a hired hand. This voice doesn’t know you beyond what you tell him or her. However, this voice is trained in asking you questions to delve deeper into yourself and your experience. This voice will not only ask you, but also teach you to ask more questions. It’s the third voice that may also introduce new thoughts and perspectives that you and your second voice haven’t explored. A mentor, teacher, therapist, coach are all examples of the third voice.

    LiVit is a Third Voice.

    LiVit puts you back in the driver’s seat. Whether it’s something specific like nutrition or generally feeling dissatisfied and stagnant, LiVit will help you set and implement a practical plan that will lead to long-term success. You will create this plan thoughtfully and deliberately over the 12 weeks of the program. You will learn fundamentals that need to be addressed, how to identify habits and environments that are harming your progress, and most importantly, how to adjust for the unexpected twists and turns of life. You will have the tools to create an environment where success is inevitable.

    Is LiVit the Right Third Voice for You?

    • If you feel like you live a “Groundhog Day” life that you’re not enjoying.
    • If you have received advice but haven’t experienced change.
    • If you feel like you have tried making changes to your diet or exercise but keep falling back into old habits.
    • If you have the uncomfortable feeling that the people or environments in your life are holding you back.
    • If you know that things can be better, but you can’t figure out the first steps to take.
    • If you are ready to move from a feeling a despair to a feeling of control.
    • If you keep asking the same questions.
    • If you are ready to be in control and learn how to keep control now and into the future, then LiVit is the voice you’ve been needing to hear.

    Ready to Take the Next Step?

    Here’s how you sign up: https://www.movementminneapolis.com/livit-signup

    Not Sure if LiVit is Right for You Right Now?

    If you are curious but on the fence about starting now, email or catch me at the gym. I would be more than happy to answer your questions or direct you to past participants that can share their experiences. I can tell you, if you are interested but hesitant, LiVit will gently but definitively move you forward or help you stay where you are without guilt and with full confidence in your decision.


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