In the last 3 months, I have dramatically changed several habits, that have lead to me reaching my personal goal of 145 pounds by the end of the challenge.

First think I learned and the most important component in this whole thing, for me, was the eating portion of it. I have begun fasting, I have pretty much given up random sweets (like the crap people bring into the office all the time), I have protein with every meal and I don’t eat any sugars between 12 and 6pm. I have been able to exercise self control and that alone has helped me with the weight loss.  Asking myself if I really need or want something before I put it in my mouth has deterred all the unnecessary snacking that people don’t realize is so detrimental to weight loss. My food journal has helped me reflect on what and when I am eating and how I have felt after eating it. That has been super helpful.

The work out portion: I learned that to get constant results I need to constantly change my work out and try to have some type of improvement every time I work out. I try to either do more reps with a lower weight or I have also gone up in weight and done only a few reps, before getting to tired. I like that I can stop whenever I feel like I’m getting tired, and the fact that you and Adam encourage that is soooo helpful. I feel sad for the people that go till they get hurt. Not once have I gotten hurt at The Movement.

Lastly, the support network that you and Adam (and Megan) have created is great! I feel like when I work out, I am doing to “hang-out” with friends rather than the obligatory run on the treadmill.  I really, really enjoy going to the gym now and I hadn’t ever felt like that before.

So, thank you very much for creating this challenge because I think that the added push to try to win, got me going in the right direction and now I don’t want to stop! My new goal is 130 by June. (oh, Adam’s talk one day on realistic goals helped because I felt very comfortable with my 145 by March goal and never pressured).

Thank you again Dave!


I started my journey to get healthy last May. Working out 5-6 days a week, doing mostly cardio. I lost about 20lbs and was happy with that but I still wasn’t completely satisfied. It’s like I lost the weight, but I just became a smaller version of myself. I wasn’t getting stronger and I wasn’t changing my body. I started the bootcamp at The Movement in December. It finally clicked…to get stronger I need to lift heavier weights. I enjoyed the class and I enjoyed the information. I went to Australia for a month and when I got back I was ready to really commit to the philosophy of what you all teach, especially regarding the nutrition. Since I joined late I was not tracking my food, but here is what I did in a nut shell. I did IF 6-7 days a week for 14-16 hours. I cut back significantly on processed foods. I started eating more fat and more protein. Slowly cut back on soda…down to 1-2 a week. I couldn’t believe how this type of eating and training fit in to my lifestyle so much better than trying to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Does it really not have to be that hard? My first month back my body made some crazy changes. People started asking what I was doing and they might regret it because  I get fired up talking about The Movement. Someone asked if I was being paid to be your cheerleader.  A gal I work with told me that she has never seen someone transform their body like I have in such a short period of time. My response every time is that I can’t believe how easily these changes have become a part of my lifestyle. I had a moment the other day where I walked into the gym and it was all guys. It was awesome to realize that I am not intimidated by that. The best part of my experience so far? Empowering myself from the inside out. Still cheaper than therapy and I get to look that much better in a bikini. Bring on the summer man!

Weight loss has been a constant struggle my entire life. Increasing my strength training and mixing good overall cardio workouts into my routine was a big part of my plan for the three months of the Body Transformation Challenge.

I leamed several things during these past few months. One significant change for me was to increase the amount I “hit the gym” from an average of 3 times per week up to 4 and 5 workouts per week. I leamed several things in doing so: l. When I exercise more I ache less. Even after very heavy workouts I had less tired, sore and stiff muscles. Actually I rarely felt stiff and sore during this entire contest. 2. I made big improvements (at least in my mind) in the weight and reps I could perform with most of the movements and routines. Even movements I didn’t focus on would improve when I went back to them. 3. I went through a big mind shift from feeling like having to get to the gym for a workout to being more interested and excited about what I was accomplishing. Hitting new PRS and moving big weight (for this old body) has actually become fun. I’ve set some big goals for myself that will take a while to obtain but I would never have considered setting them if it weren’t for the personal progress I’ve made during the contest.

I know how to lose weight. I’ve lost a lot of weight fairly quickly at several times in my life. I’m not so good at keeping the weight off It is a life long challenge.

I’ve picked up some key nuggets of wisdom and practical tips from both Adam and David over the past several months. Reduction and maybe elimination of processed sugar and breads/pastas was talked about at a nutrition class. David has mentioned in person and on the web that animal protein, veggies and fruits, “anything without a label” as being good food choices. Keeping it simple is key! I have become much more aware of how oiten we wrap our food in bread slices, bread coating and heavy sauces. I find myself making hmch choices that don’t need a bread to be tasty and desirable. A little progress in the right direction. One thing I learned about myself through the BTC contest is that I’m an emotional eater. I never thought of myself as “emotional” and probably don’t display emotions outwardly. I found at times when I’m irritated, frustrated, anxious or a little angry it’s easy to grab a bag of junk/candy and sit down at night to eat the entire bag without even realizing I’ve done it. Emotions and late evenings are my downfall. I have a ways to go to conquer these eating habits but gaining a keen awareness of my eating problem has already helped me make progress. Overall I found the Body Transformation Challenge to be a great way to get motivated and work towards personal improvements. It’s been fun to compete in an event where good natured friendly folks were encouraging each other. I’ve lost a few pounds and gained better overall strength than I’ve had since my 20s. I have more endurance and energy. I can take longer walks at a brisk speed than I ever remember doing. I’ve never been able to do a pull up. I can now! I have some goals to continue working towards. I want to lose another 20 pounds and be able to maintain a weight of 205 to 210. I want to dead liit twice my body weight. I want to bench press my body weight. I want to do 5 consecutive pull ups. The contest may be over, the quest for improvement is not.

Cliff H

I am a changed person since I started at the Movement Minneapolis…both physically and mentally.  I have become a stronger, more confident person, and it’s a change that people around me have noticed too.  The Movement has provided me with the tools I need to achieve the physical goals I’m striving for…things I never thought I could do. I have learned movements that I can do anywhere and have an eating plan that is easy to follow, which has allowed me to stay on track – even when I’m unable to get to the gym as much as I want. Signing up for the Movement Minneapolis was/is the best investment I’ve made in myself.


Working out at the Movement has.been a great experience for me.these past 12 weeks. I have worked out before and made improvements, but could never definitively say what I improved and how much. This has also been the first time in my life that I altered my diet for the better. It has been hard but having a knowledgeable and supportive resource like Dave has made the process a lot easier. My favorite part of the experience is being able to do things that I couldn’t before, and for that I thank you.

-Max Grinberg


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